Best Sushi Making Kits 2022

Simple Sushi Making Kit with The Most Accurate Instructions – $ 36.99
This is a must for all beginner’s as well as all seasoned sushi pro’s. This sushi making kit has everything needed but the seafood. These sushi making kits come with a very useful set of instructions that will allow you to make the very best sushi at a fraction of the price.

The items below are included in every sushi making kit.

1. Yamasa Brand Soy Sauce (Lite) or (regular) (12 0z)

2. Urashima Nori (10 full sheets)

3. Nishiki Premium Sushi Rice

4. Mitsukan Powdered Sushi Rice Seasonings

5. Powdered Wasabi (Just mix with water)

6. Small Packs of Ginger (10)

7. Sushi Press Mold

8. Sushi Rolling Mat

9. 5 Pairs of Chopsticks

10. 1 Rice Paddle

11. 1 Set of Sushi Instructions


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These are really cool innovations. They are an all in one kit that gives you everything you need to make your own sushi from scratch. Sushi has attained world wide fame as a meal from what we can call its humble beginnings from Asia. It is an Asian export that the world has taken to and the popularity of these kits attests to that. I enjoyed my time unpacking and using this kit. The packaging itself does more to these kits than you can imagine. It was the packaging that actually did it for me, aside from the name and my curiosity.

For some of you it might be the convenience that is the motive or just the simple novelty of it all. But whatever the case, it has proven to be a run away success. And that is something no one can deny.

Now it is not that I couldn’t go to a store and place individual orders for the items, it would have of course been cheaper. But what made me buy the product was the very fact that it was an all in one package. And to be frank, I can of like the idea that it was called a kit, like a Do IT Yourself (DIY) kit. I have never really thought of doing it myself before even though I loved the dish from the very first time I ordered it in an Asian restaurant hence cost was not the driving force for me but value. So I ordered for one of these kits and unpacked it with eagerness.

I love the cook book! There were other things that come with these sushi making kits beside the cook books. Mine contained:


  • The cook book
  • Short grain rice
  • Some horseradish
  • Wasabi
  • Vinegar
  • Bamboo mat

It contained other things and these sushi making kits comes with instructions on how to go about preparing your sushi making them most ideal for first timers like me. The cookbook is very simple and easy to follow.

It is no wonder then that there have been a lot of comments on this product. There some reviewers who went on about the price, but I am one of those who believes that it is not about the price but the value and the experience. If I wanted to eat sushi just for that sake alone then I would go and get the ingredients. But I see sushi as an exotic meal, something that I take my time over. I don’t eat it everyday just as I don’t go to the restaurant everyday. But when I do, I know what I am paying for.

For those that want to make their own sushi for the first time, I will suggest you get one of these sushi making kits. The will really spur you not just open the box but to do something about it. These sushi making kits are here to stay because it is an innovative product that meets the needs of those like me who would like to have the experience of preparing there own sushi.